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Welcome to Mago, the web design agency where the magic of web design meets digital reality!

At Mago, we understand that web design is more than just codes and graphics. It's the alchemy of combining creativity and functionality to craft amazing online experiences. Our goal is to take you into the exciting digital world uniquely, captivating your audience and making a real impact on your business.
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Web Design Agency

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MAGO🧙‍♂️ | Web Design Agency

About MAGO

In 2015, two brothers, Georg and Otto, brought Cederborg Web Design to life with a shared dream of creating exceptional web designs. Over the years, our agency evolved, driven by an unwavering passion for the magic of web design.

In 2023, we took a bold step and transformed into MAGO. This name change reflects our dedication to bringing our clients' digital dreams to life and our ability to create magic in every project we undertake. We're excited about what the future holds and to continue making magic in the digital era under the name of MAGO.

Our Mission

To provide comprehensive web design and development solutions to businesses to help them grow and stand out in the digital landscape. We aim to be partners to our clients and bring value to their businesses through our expertise, creativity, and teamwork.

Our Vision

To be the leading agency in web design and innovation in Mexico. We aim to set the standard for our service quality, client results, and work environment for employees. We strive to set trends in the web design sector.

Our Values

  • Innovation: We constantly seek new creative solutions.

  • Quality: We focus on excellence in every project.

  • Teamwork: We foster a collaborative environment for mutual growth.

  • Results-oriented: We focus on real impact for our clients.

  • Commitment: We give our best in every challenge we take on.

  • Passion: We love what we do and enjoy our work.

Trusted by the Best

Some of Our Clients

From established global brands to promising new startups, our prominent partners represent the very best in their fields.
Web Design Agency
Website Design Agency
Web Design Company
Web Design and Development Agency
Web Design and Development Company
Web Design Firm
Web Design Agencies
Design Agency
Web Development Agency

Would you like to join this list of great companies? Let us boost your online presence and take your business to the next level!

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We Are a Cutting-Edge Web Design Agency

We employ cutting-edge technologies in web design and digital marketing to create unique experiences and enhance your online presence.

We Design Websites

Some of our web projects

Our Process as a Web Design and Development Agency

Our streamlined and highly iterative process ensures the production of high-efficiency solutions in record time, prioritizing the complete satisfaction of our valuable clients.

Initial Evaluation

Step 1
We begin with a questionnaire aimed at thoroughly understanding the goals and needs of your project.

Detailed Proposal

Step 2
We present a technical and economic proposal that includes costs, timelines, and specific deliverables.

Strategic Planning

Step 3
We plan the project, strategies, and steps to follow.

Creative Design

Step 4
We generate high-resolution designs for all pages of your website.

Professional Development

Step 5
Our frontend and backend development team works on executing the project.

Successful Launch

Step 6
Finally, we implement the project, configuring all necessary components for its effective operation.

What Our Clients Think?

Opinions from Some of Our Clients
The MAGO Web Design Agency has been a valuable partner in our marketing work. They have designed and developed several websites for our clients, exceeding our expectations every time. Their attention to detail, creativity, and technical expertise are unparalleled. Thanks to them, we have been able to provide our clients with a high-level online presence that has boosted their online success. We highly recommend MAGO Web Design Agency to any marketing agency seeking quality web design services!

Diego Roca

(Digital Marketing Agency)
The MAGO Web Design Agency has exceeded all my expectations. They helped me create an attractive and functional website for my online store, and their speed optimization service made my site load faster than ever. I highly recommend their services!

Patricia Weber

(Fashion Designer)
I'm truly impressed with the work of the 'MAGO' Web Design Agency in optimizing my website. Previously, my site was slow and not appearing on search engines, but after their optimization service, my site now loads quickly and has improved its ranking on Google. They are experts in what they do!

Antonio García

(Industrial Kitchen Furniture and Equipment Factory)

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Web Design Agency

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